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Listening Test PT3, 2017

Listen up – here’s what you need to know for the PT3 listening test

Are you all ears? These tips will help you do better in your PT3 listening test.

1The duration of the listening test is 30 mins each for both Bahasa Melayu (03) and Bahasa Inggeris (13).
2Both tests are conducted individually.
3The listening test for Bahasa Melayu (03) is made up of Bahagian A (10 soalan) and Bahagian B (5 soalan). Answer ALL questions.
4In Bahagian A, you will listen to two extracts. In Bahagian B, there are several short listening tasks.
5For Bahasa Inggeris (13), the test is made up of Section A (10 multiple-choice questions) and Section B (10 limited-response questions). You need to answer ALL questions.
6In Section A, you will listen to five recorded texts; and two recorded texts in Section B.
7At the beginning of the recording, you will be given instructions to the listening test. Listen to the instructions carefully.
8From now until the speaking test, spend 10-15mins each day practising with a school friend, your sibling or even your parents. The more practice you get, the better you’ll be in controlling your nerves on the real day.
9And finally, be polite. Greet your examiner at the start of the test and thank him/her when you’re done. It doesn’t hurt to have good manners.
10You can improve your listening skills by listening to radio programmes, the news, or podcasts and practise taking notes as you listen.

Sunday, July 16, 2017


Idiom: a manner of speaking that is natural to native speakers of a language

Every language has its own collection of wise sayings. They offer advice about how to live and also transfer some underlying ideas, principles and values of a given culture / society. These sayings are called "idioms" - or proverbs if they are longer. These combinations of words have (rarely complete sentences) a "figurative meaning" meaning, they basically work with "pictures".
This List of commonly used idioms and sayings (in everyday conversational English), can help to speak English by learning English idiomatic expressions. This is a list, which contains exactly 66 of the most commonly used idioms and their meaning.

A hot potato
Speak of an issue (mostly current) which many people are talking about and which is usually disputed
A penny for your thoughts
A way of asking what someone is thinking
Actions speak louder than words
People's intentions can be judged better by what they do than what they say.
Add insult to injury
To further a loss with mockery or indignity; to worsen an unfavorable situation.
At the drop of a hat
Meaning: without any hesitation; instantly.
Back to the drawing board
When an attempt fails and it's time to start all over.
Ball is in your court
It is up to you to make the next decision or step
Barking up the wrong tree
Looking in the wrong place. Accusing the wrong person
Be glad to see the back of
Be happy when a person leaves.
Beat around the bush
Avoiding the main topic. Not speaking directly about the issue.
Best of both worlds
Meaning: All the advantages.
Best thing since sliced bread
A good invention or innovation. A good idea or plan.
Bite off more than you can chew
To take on a task that is way to big.
Blessing in disguise
Something good that isn't recognized at first.
Burn the midnight oil
To work late into the night, alluding to the time before electric lighting.
Can't judge a book by its cover
Cannot judge something primarily on appearance.
Caught between two stools
When someone finds it difficult to choose between two alternatives.
Costs an arm and a leg
This idiom is used when something is very expensive.
Cross that bridge when you come to it
Deal with a problem if and when it becomes necessary, not before.
Cry over spilt milk
When you complain about a loss from the past.
Curiosity killed the cat
Being Inquisitive can lead you into an unpleasant situation.
Cut corners
When something is done badly to save money.
Cut the mustard [possibly derived from "cut the muster"]
To succeed; to come up to expectations; adequate enough to compete or participate
Devil's Advocate
To present a counter argument
Don't count your chickens before the eggs have hatched
This idiom is used to express "Don't make plans for something that might not happen".
Don't give up the day job
You are not very good at something. You could definitely not do it professionally.
Don't put all your eggs in one basket
Do not put all your resources in one possibility.
Drastic times call for drastic measures
When you are extremely desperate you need to take drastic actions.
Elvis has left the building
The show has come to an end. It's all over.
Every cloud has a silver lining
Be optimistic, even difficult times will lead to better days.
Far cry from
Very different from.
Feel a bit under the weather
Meaning: Feeling slightly ill.
Give the benefit of the doubt
Believe someone's statement, without proof.
Hear it on the grapevine
This idiom means 'to hear rumors' about something or someone.
Hit the nail on the head
Do or say something exactly right
Hit the sack / sheets / hay
To go to bed.
In the heat of the moment
Overwhelmed by what is happening in the moment.
It takes two to tango
Actions or communications need more than one person
Jump on the bandwagon
Join a popular trend or activity.
Keep something at bay
Keep something away.
Kill two birds with one stone
This idiom means, to accomplish two different things at the same time.
Last straw
The final problem in a series of problems.
Let sleeping dogs lie
Meaning - do not disturb a situation as it is - since it would result in trouble or complications.
Let the cat out of the bag
To share information that was previously concealed
Make a long story short
Come to the point - leave out details
Method to my madness
An assertion that, despite one's approach seeming random, there actually is structure to it.
Miss the boat
This idiom is used to say that someone missed his or her chance
Not a spark of decency
Meaning: No manners
Not playing with a full deck
Someone who lacks intelligence.
Off one's rocker
Crazy, demented, out of one's mind, in a confused or befuddled state of mind, senile.
On the ball
When someone understands the situation well.
Once in a blue moon
Meaning: Happens very rarely.
Picture paints a thousand words
A visual presentation is far more descriptive than words.
Piece of cake
A job, task or other activity that is easy or simple.
Put wool over other people's eyes
This means to deceive someone into thinking well of them.
See eye to eye
This idiom is used to say that two (or more people) agree on something.
Sit on the fence
This is used when someone does not want to choose or make a decision.
Speak of the devil!
This expression is used when the person you have just been talking about arrives.
Steal someone's thunder
To take the credit for something someone else did.
Take with a grain of salt
This means not to take what someone says too seriously.
Taste of your own medicine
Means that something happens to you, or is done to you, that you have done to someone else
To hear something straight from the horse's mouth
To hear something from the authoritative source.
Whole nine yards
Everything. All of it.
Wouldn't be caught dead
Would never like to do something
Your guess is as good as mine
To have no idea, do not know the answer to a question

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

We Didn't Mean To Go To Sea

For my classes 3A3,4,5 and 9. The rest can share and learn.

Character Traits/Moral Values/Messages/Themes


1. Jim teaches John and the siblings about the yacht and the sea.· 

Jim is knowledgeable about the yacht and the sea. He shows the children how to steer the yacht. He tells them the shoal can be dangerous for them as they could run ashore. He also shows them the shoals using charts.

· At night, the Goblin rolls violently. The children are worried but Jim assures them it is the big ship that goes from England to Holland everyday.

Character Traits

-Knowledgeable/ brave/responsible

Moral Values

– We should share our knowledge with others.
– We should take care of people who are younger than us.


-value of knowledge/ bravery/responsibility

2. John fights against the storm.·

 When the children are out at the sea, the rain starts to fall. Big winds and waves crash over the bows and splash on the cabin roof and the children. Although John feels tired and the weather is not helping him, he does not stop fighting against the storm. He tries his hardest to steer the yacht to the right direction. He wants to keep his siblings safe.

Character Traits

– brave/responsible /

Moral Values

– We should be responsible when we are put in charge of something.
– We should not panic when we are facing difficulties.
– We should do our best to protect the people we love.


– love for family/ bravery/responsibility

3. Commander Walker brings the children back to Harwich.

After finding his children at Flushing in Holland, Commander Walker takes responsibility to send telegram to Mrs. Walker, bring the children to eat at a café and buy supplies for their journey back home.

Commander Walker takes over to sail to Goblin. He steers the yacht because he knows John is tired. He is also not mad at the children for what happens.

Character Traits

– responsible /loving/ considerate

Moral Values

– We should be responsible for our children’s safety.
– We should love our family members.
– We should be considerate and try to understand when something wrong happened to our children.


– love for family/ responsibility for family

4. Jim Brading worries about the children and keeps his promise to take care of them.· Jim has an accident when he leaves the children and goes to get petrol. When he wakes up he is very worried about the children. He leaves the hospital to go find them even though his head is still in pain. He feels sorry to about what happens and he intends to apologise to Mrs. Walker.

Character Traits

– responsible

Moral Values

– We should be responsible for the things we do.
– We should keep our promise.

– love for family/ bravery/responsibility

5. John makes the decision to go to sea.· 

 After the tide pulls them out of the Beach End Buoy, they are forced to put on sails to avoid hitting the buoys. After that, John decides to go out to sea so that they can get away from the shoals.Character Traits

– Brave/responsible

Moral Values

– We should be responsible when we are put in charge of something.
– We should not panic when we are facing difficulties.


– Bravery/responsibility

6. Susan is worried about their Mother· 

 When the Goblin is out at sea. Susan is worried. She is worried that Mother will think they did not keep their promise.

· After they meet Father, Susan reminds her dad to send the telegram to Mother and she also makes sure that the telegram is sent.Character Traits

– Responsible/loving

Moral Values

– We should be responsible to keep our promise.
– We should not make our parents worried about us.

– love for family/ responsibility

7. John is worried about his siblings

When the children have to go out to sea to avoid the shoals, Susan and Roger get seasick. John feel bad for them and is worried about them.Character Traits
– caring/loving

Moral Values
– We should love our family.
– We should do our best to protect the people we love.


– love for family/responsibility


Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Speech on Health is Wealth

Health is wealth is a famous proverb which means that health is everything and its importance is more than the wealth. If one maintains his/her health, he gets everything in the life very easily. We have provided below various speech on health is wealth under different words limit for the school children. They can select any health is wealth speech given below:

Health is Wealth Speech 1

Good morning to my respected teachers and all my fellow classmates. As we have gathered here to celebrate this auspicious occasion, I would like to speech over health is wealth. As we all know about the common saying that health is wealth but I do not think that we follow this proverb in our daily life to get maintained. Everyone of us knows well that a good health lead to the good way however no one of us take care of the health. If we are not living in discipline and following nature’s rule, we can never become healthy in the life and never reach to the success.
We have given two legs and two hands to walk and do work however if we are not using our organs accordingly in proper way, it is our fault which lead us towards failure. Most of the people spend their whole day and night just by sitting or lying on bed for most of the days of week and months. They are just like fish without swimming and birds without fly. Can you imagine that what will happen if fishes do not swim or birds do not fly, most commonly they easily would be food of big animals and slowly their species would get destroyed. In this way, people having more comfort in their life cannot be so healthy.

Some decades ago, people were strong and healthy because they were used to walk for long distance and they have to perform every house hold chores own. In the recent decades, the growth of technologies in very fast manner has decreased the man efforts in every walk of life. Earlier, the life of our grandparents was good and their livelihood was very healthy because of the hunting, farming, ploughing, harvesting, planting, walking, running, etc. Now-a-days, almost every people of any age group suffer from one or more diseases (like high blood pressure, heart attack, gout, stress-related disease, etc) from the starting of life.

In order to keep ourselves healthy physically, mentally, emotionally, socially and intellectually, we need to be active on daily basis including well maintained diet, exercises, positive thinking and follow good habits. We need to be disciplined in every walk of life.

Thank you.

Health is Wealth Speech 2

Good morning to the respected Principal, teachers and all my dear friends. As we have gathered here to celebrate this great occasion, I would like to speech over health is wealth. It is a most common saying which we generally listen by our grandparents, parents and teachers. But, I want to ask you all that how many of us have think about and follow this remedy in their life. We all know that what is ‘health is wealth’ but is anyone of us have think the real meaning of it. Now-a-days, people’s life has been so busy that they have no time for their health maintenance, doing exercises, talk to family members, friends, neighbours, etc because of increasing competitions and technologies.

We should never forget that without health there is nothing in our life. Health is more valuable for us than other things in the life because it is the only tool of success. Unhealthy people can never get the real joy and peace of life. This famous proverb tells us that health is more valuable than money and other precious things all over the world. If we suffer any disease, money can only help us to get medicine and limited relief; however it cannot remove diseases completely from the body. If we get relief from one disease then it will leave other diseases as a complication. It means weak and unhealthy body calls many diseases one by one which we never can be free off.

We need to keep ourselves healthy and happy to easily cope with all the problems of life. We can be healthy through proper and daily exercises, morning walk, healthy diet, following good habits, disciplined lifestyle, and positive thinking. Healthy body keeps body, mind and soul happy and peaceful. A healthy person becomes completely free from the illnesses in body and mind and thus able to enjoy stable health and all the happiness in the life. Being healthy for the people of any age group depends upon the several factors like food, physical activity, pollution, sleeping habits, way of thinking, mental condition, water, air, sunlight, etc. Together with the physical exercises; proper care of the body is also very necessary. Unhealthy people spend their whole life in suffering from diseases and complaining others for their condition. Life is very beautiful if it is lived in right direction. Please do not waste it by being diseased, instead live it happily. My motto of today’s speech on this topic is only to share my feelings to all of you for the wellness of all of us.

Thank You.

Health is Wealth Speech 3

Good morning to the respected teachers and all my dear friends. At this auspicious occasion I would like to speech over common saying ‘health is wealth’. I know that everyone of us is well recognized with this proverb however only few people actually follow this strategy in their life. The real meaning of this proverb is that the one, who has good health become the happiest person of the world even from the rich people. Whether a person is rich or poor, he would be unhappy if suffers any disease or disability. This proverb is really meaning a lot for all of us if we understand and follow this remedy strictly. Diseases never ask a person for richness or poorness, they just affect the person if found weak and unhealthy.

Health is wealth proverb compares the value of health with the wealth and indicates that health is more valuable than the wealth. When a rich person gets diseased, he becomes an unhappy person than the poor healthy person. His/her life becomes useless instead of having lots of money. Money cannot buy happiness and healthy life; it can only give comfort and joy for limited time however a good health always goes together all through the life in every bad and good condition. Good health makes a person (whether healthy or poor) happy and cheerful forever. A healthy person lives better life than the rich person. They feel no burden to them and live stress free life.

A healthy person can be healthy in every walk of life however an unhealthy person cannot bear a little problematic condition. Being healthy is not so costly; one needs to maintain timely diet, healthy lifestyle and daily physical exercises. Some people save their money for future purpose but do not take care of their health, saving money is good habit for future but declining health is not good for future. People should maintain their health together with the saving of money.

Thank You.

The Importance of a Healthy Lifestyle: A Speech

When I think about the importance of a healthy lifestyle, I think about a boy named Romario. He’s my age. He likes soccer, math, and playing with little kids. He sounds a lot like someone who might be my neighbor, or the kid who sits next to me at school.

But there’s a big difference. Romario lives in a tent in Haiti and for years, has struggled with hunger and a very unhealthy lifestyle.

I have seen it firsthand. I have stood on the dirt roads of his village. I have seen how it looks like there’s no hope for a kid like Romario.

When we talk about the importance of a healthy lifestyle, I think it’s important that we have a clear picture of what an unhealthy lifestyle looks like. Every year, more than 5 million children around the globe die of poor nutrition.

Poor nutrition is at the root of an unhealthy lifestyle. According, poor nutrition intensifies the effect of every disease, including measles, malaria, and pneumonia

So this is where a healthy lifestyle truly begins: With good nutrition, not only here in America, but around the world.

Eating healthy is a vital part of a healthy lifestyle. It provides nutrients that your body needs to create new cells, clean toxins, and to function daily. It prevents future diseases like diabetes and cancer.

Now, all of us here have access to nourishing food and clean water – a privilege that many in other parts of the world don’t have. We also have access to education about our health. We know things like: breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and we shouldn’t overeat or consume many sweets.

We also understand that it is important to eat a balanced, varied diet of all 5 food groups.

There’s more. Exercising regularly is a huge part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It increases longevity, and helps you sleep well and maintain your weight. Kids should exercise 60 minutes or more daily.

Also, getting enough sleep is very important for having enough energy. If you don’t get enough sleep, you won’t think clearly. Most kids need 10 or more hours of sleep every night.

So, to me, a healthy lifestyle is composed of healthy eating, physical activity, and getting enough sleep.

Now, I am fortunate to live in a country, a community, and a home where I have access to everything I need to live a healthy lifestyle: nutritious food, clean water, ways to exercise, and a comfortable bed to sleep in.

But remember Romario? And the millions of children around the world like him? They don’t have these same advantages.

So I want to issue a challenge to you. Because we can’t live a healthy lifestyle here, and keep it to ourselves. We are so blessed to live where we do, and we owe it to our neighbors to give back our good fortune. We can help them live a healthy lifestyle, too. Here’s how:

Support programs like UNICEF, an organization working in more than 190 countries to help children by providing immunizations, nutrition, education and clean water.

Sponsor a child for as little as $35 a month through places like Touch of Hope. These programs help send children to school, where they have access to education and food for a healthy lifestyle.

I am a girl living a healthy lifestyle in Inwood, Iowa. And I am not keeping it to myself. I have committed to helping others live healthy too.

I pay $35 a month to sponsor two kids in Haiti, including Romario.

Before Romario’s community opened up a sponsorship program, starvation was a part of their daily lives. Many people in his village resorted to eating mud pies, a concoction of mud, water, and sugar. The mud pies taste awful and have zero nutritional value, but they keep hunger at bay.

But his community took a stand and changed the lifestyle of over 900 kids, who now get peanut-butter sandwiches for breakfast and rice and beans for lunch, along with an education.

My sister and I are partnering with the school on the exercise portion of the health of these Haitian children. I raised $6,000 to build a playground at the school. And my sister raised $2,000 to build a basketball court. We saw the playground and basketball court during our trip to Haiti over Thanksgiving.

We have more plans to help Haitian children live a healthy lifestyle. But those plans are top-secret. Maybe I’ll come back and tell you another time.

Until then, my question for you is: what are you going to do with your healthy lifestyle?