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Grammar Exercises

Class 3A2 and 3A1
Boys, these are the extra questions you are tasked to do. Answer all these in your exercise book. We can discuss them tomorrow in class. Thank you.

Monday, April 20, 2015

A Fighter's Line - Marzuki Ali

A Fighter's Lines - Understanding the meaning of the poem

Synopsis of the poem
The persona in the poem is an old soldier. He is tired as he is old and weak. He and his people suffered in the past in their fight for freedom of their country and they made many sacrifices. People lost their lives and some remain nameless or unknown.
The persona, who believes that he will be in the wheelchair for the rest his life says he can only watch the happenings around him. Physically, he is helpless and he has no energy left. He was either seriously injured when he was a soldier or is very ill. He finds that times have changed and being a crippled man, it is too challenging for him to fight the injustice he sees around him. He is troubled by many lies being told everywhere.
Being highly spirited, he calls on the younger generation to wake up and fight on. They have to realise that they have to form lines or ranks irrespective of racial, religious and social differences to fight courageously for justice. He wants the young people who inherited the country's freedom to be united and denounce lies which may threaten the country.
The persona feels helpless that he is not heard. He urges the younger generation to fight or speak up for what is right because it is now their turn to do so.
The Setting
The poem is set after indenpence. The persona feels that the independence he has struggled for is now threatened by subversive elements.

Tone and mood
In the first stanza, the tone indicates that the persona is sad and weary because he is old and weak. The persona is also melancholic, reflecting on his past sacrifices he made for the country's independence.
In the second stanza, the persona voices his helplessness, anger and contempt because his country is facing threats.
The tone used in the third stanza is serious and demanding. The persona urges the present generation to form a united front to uphold the freedom that he and many others has fought for.
The persona ends by insisting that the younger generation continues to fight against injustice because he can no longer do so.
1. Patriotism
Patriotism is one of the themes of this poem. The people in this country have made a lot of sacrifices to fight for their freedom. They have achieved independence but now there are other threats such as deceit. This affects the country's safety. The persona calls on the younger generation to fight for justice and to speak up against deceit.
2. Being courageous
Another theme is being courageous. In the past, people made many sacrifices and fought bravely with the country's enemies for their freedom. Now, the persona urges the younger generation to be brave and fight against other threats in the country. He tells them to stand up and speak with courage.
3. Unity
In the past, people were united when they fought for independence. Now, the persona emphasises that the younger generation who has inherited a free country should unite to preserve their freedom. They should stand united by building a wall of people or forming ranks irrespective of racial, religious and other social differences. The "lines" in the poem, A Fighter's Lines refer to the persona's lines and the lines or ranks formed for unity. We have to be united and strong as in the saying, "United we stand, divided we fall".
1. We must be brave to uphold justice.The persona urges the younger generation to stand up against the widespread lies which are rampant in society today. This 'net of deceit' worries his as it can destroy the solidarity of the people. Therefore, he urges them to stand united and uphold justice to preserve the freedom and safety of the country.
2. We must be willing to make sacrifices to preserve our independence.In the fight for independence, the persona and other soldiers sacrificed and risked their lives when they fought for independence. Now, he is wheelchair-bound because he was either crippled in the war or is now old and sick. Now, he wants the younger generation to make sacrifices too to preserve their freedom.
3. We must be united to preserve our freedom.The persona wants the younger generation to stand united regardless of their differences to ensure their freedom.
* The above notes are courtesy of Curriculum Development Division, Ministry of Education Malaysia 2011** All these notes are updated on 26 July 2012.

The blogger expresses his thanks to teachernuha for her efforts.

Now answer the questions:
1. Based on the poem, what was the occupation of the persona?
(1 mark)
2. In stanza 2, what is the persona worried about?
(1 mark)
3. In stanza 3. what does the persona want the younger generation to do?
(1 mark)
4. Why do you think the younger generation should maintain the freedom of the country? Give a reason.
(2 marks)- This is a HOTS question. Give a reasonable response.

Instruction: Copy the poem on your exercise book, either Book 1 or 2, and answer the questions.

See you in our next lesson. Have a nice day at home.
Mr Peter Khiew

Why English Is So Hard

Why English Is So Hard

We'll begin with a box,
and the plural is boxes.
But the plural of ox should be oxen,
not oxes.

Then one fowl is goose,
but two are called geese.
Yet the plural of moose
should never be meese.

You may find a lone mouse
or a whole lot of mice.
But the plural of house is houses,
not hice.

If the plural of man
is always called men,
Why shouldn't the plural of pan
be called pen?

The cow in a plural
may be cows or kine,
But the plural of vow is vows,
not vine.

And I speak of foot,
and you show me your feet,
But I give you a boot ...
would a pair be called beet ?

If one is a tooth
and the whole set are teeth,
Why shouldn't the plural of booth
be called beeth ?

If the singular is this
and the plural is these,
Should the plural of kiss
be nicknamed kese ?

Then one may be that,
and three may be those,
Yet the plural of hat
would never be hose.

We speak of a brother,
and also of brethern,
But though we say mother,
we never say methern .

The masculine pronouns are
he, his and him,
But imagine the feminine
she, shis and shim!

So our English,
I think you'll all agree,
Is the trickiest language
you ever did see.

Author Unknown

The Railway Children - Thoughtfulness is the key to happiness

Thoughtfulness is the key to happiness. Based on the novel you have learnt, describe an event that shows thoughtfulness.

Model Answer
I read the novel, "The Railway Children" by Edith Nesbitt. In this novel, there are many events which show thoughtfulness. One of them is when the children asked to have cakes on Thursday.
They wanted to make a birthday tea for Perks. Peter wanted to ask everybody in the village to help them give Perks a nice birthday. On Thursday, the children went around to collect presents the people had promised. At three o’clock, the children took the presents and the pram to Perks’ house. When Perks came home and saw the pram and the presents, he was angry. He thought people would laugh at him for being poor and needing their things. Bobbie explained that the people wanted to give him the presents because they liked him. Perks calmed down. He was glad that his neighbours thought so kindly of him. By being thoughtful, the children had made Perks happy.
In this event, Bobbie and her siblings had made Mrs Ransome happy. They found out that Mrs Ransome was not happy because no one remembered her birthday and she did not want to join them and give Perks a birthday present. The next day, Bobbie and Phyllis gave Mrs. Ransome roses and a handkerchief for her birthday. Old Mrs Ransome thanked them for the roses. She gave them apples for Perks. By being thoughtful, the children had made a lot of people happy and this definitely proves that 'thoughtfulness is the key to happiness.

The Railway Children - Interesting Character

Based on the novel you have read, write about an interesting character. Give reasons and examples to support your answer.

Model Answer
I read the novel, "The Railway Children" by Edith Nesbit. In this novel, I find that Bobbie is a very interesting character.
I find her interesting because, she is a brave girl. This is shown when there was a landslide. Half of the hillside crashed down onto the railway line. The train was in danger. The children used the girls’ red petticoat to make six flags to warn the train.The train came down the track too fast. Bobbie ran onto the railway line waving two flags. The train stopped twenty metres away from Bobbie. Here, it is very clear that Bobbie is a brave girl and I am sure not many children her age would do this.
She is an interesting character because she is very loving. This is shown when Mother was ill. The children did not have money to buy the things listed by the doctor. Bobbie and her siblings got help. She loved her mother very much and got all the things in the doctor’s list for her mother with the help of the old gentleman. The old gentleman gave all the things in the list and some extra things.
Bobbie has many good qualities and that is why I find her interesting. We should make her our role model.


This piece of writing was read in class this morning. The student tried hard but there are many areas where he can improve on. He consented for his work to be published here. Let's see how we can make this essay better in term of presentation,  content, grammar and style. Note: Image a bit shaky but you still can read the text.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Exercises On Error Identification

Each of the following sentences contains at least onepreposition error. Correct the errors and rewrite the corrected sentences.
1. I tried to interrupt into their conversation but was told on.

2. It is important to take pride of whatever we do on life.

3. I left home at Sunday morning to catch a flight for England.

4. He was scolded from the teacher for failing to pass the test.

5. For all that excitement. I had forgotten to take my present for him.

6. My parents are not in good terms so we tried to patch things on.

7. I accused her with stealing my wallet but she insisted about her innocence.

8. I sympathize for you over your mother's death.

9. He is one of the best players of Singapore and he takes pride of it.

10. In ten o'clock in the morning. I went to the beach to catch fish by my net.


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Write a story about how a robbery ended tragically for the robber

Classes 3A1, 3A2 and 3A3

I sat down on a row of chairs. There were not many people in the bank on the Tuesday afternoon. So I figured that I would not have to wait long for my turn.

Image result for robbery bank
Suddenly I heard someone shout behind me. instinctively I looked around and was shocked to see two gunmen brandishing handguns and telling everyone in the bank to get down on the floor. I obeyed quickly. I was too stunned to feel any fear. I just lay down on the floor like the other customers.

I could not see anything except the floor tiles next to my face but I heard harsh voices shouting, the sound of someone being hit and some death threats being uttered. It sounded like the robbers would not hesitate to shoot anyone who did not comply.

From the corner of my eye I caught the sight of a pair of moving boots. For the first time I felt fear. The boots must be that of one of the robbers ! Anyhow the boots disappeared from view for a moment, reappeared and then disappeared again. I heard the trampling of feet and I knew that the robbers were making their escape. It did not take them long to do their dirty business.

I raised my head and had a momentary glimpse of two figures running out of the bank door. Another figure flashed past my view and I realized that it was a security guard. He was holding a pump gun in his hands ! I got up to have a better view.

The security guard ran out of the bank just as the robbers were making their getaway on a motorcycle. The motorcycle sped off just as the guard leveled his gun and fired at the fleeing duo.

Image result for robbery bank

Even in the bank, the sound of the shot was deafening. From my position I saw the shot hit the pillion rider smack on his back. There was a spray of blood and the body went limp. As the motorcycle accelerated, the pillion rider was flung backwards onto the road in a lifeless heap.

Image result for bank robber shot dead

The guard fired another shot at the remaining motorcyclist. The shot missed the target but shattered the back screen of a car nearby.

By then I was out of the bank watching the real-life action. So were other customers. It was just like in the movies except that it was for real. The guard ran up to the robber that he had shot and examined the slumped figure. There was no sign of life. The guard then picked up a bag that the robber had dropped. No doubt it contained the loot.

I watched the scene until the police arrive about ten minutes later. After that I went home. There was no point hanging around as I could do my banking at another time.

Note from Mr Khiew

Look at how an essay is written. Describe the incident in a simple approach, usage of some "difficult yet manageable" words and to the point technique. This essay is well written and students can emulate some of the approaches here.